Mød kunstneren: Cristina Buboi

Mød kunstneren Cristina Florina Buboi, en af Artotekets nyeste kunstnere. Cristina er oprindeligt fra Transylvanien og det var i de somre hun tilbragte ved foden af Karpaterne, at hun fandt sin passion for kunst - liggende alene i engen under den endeløse nattehimmel.

I dette korte interview fortæller Cristina om sin kunstneriske proces og sine inspirationskilder.

Dimension I - The Island

Where do you find your inspiration and how does it show in your work?

The fact that we have no idea where we are or where we are going in the Universe keeps me inspired every day.


What does your process look like, when you create a work of art?

This is gonna probably sound strange but I am not totally aware of what I will do next, depends very much on my state of mind. In this process I am trying to explore my consciousness on a deeper level. The colors and shapes doesn’t really matter if you are focusing on that too much you are missing the point.

Cristina Buboi

When did you know that being an artist was what you wanted to do?

Having originally grown up in Transylvania, I spent most of my summers in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. It is here that I discovered my passion for art – lying peaceful and alone under the endless night skies.  Immersed by the clouds of the Milky Way, it is difficult not to consider the scale of our universe and our relative significance within it. Those nights made me wonder, and they inspired me to create art that endeavours to capture the same essence.


Multiverse VII

 What does your studio look like?

Always messy.


What is your favourite dish and why?

Toast with butter and a big cup of tea, because it is quick and simple.


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